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As a result of the young conductor's clear conducting style, his meticulous analysis of the score was quite easily conveyed. (The Sunday Times – April 23, 2000)

There was a certain air of élan about the whole performance with the outer allegros moving along at a steady and stately pace while the inner movements had much panache and charm about them. Muscat directed with alacrity … (The Malta Independent – July 25, 2001)

Muscat’s accomplished conducting technique and style were at once noticeable in the opening Allegro. Through clear, simple and precise conducting he managed to achieve good instrumental articulation … Phrase structure was given much attention and musical shape was achieved through subtle tonal shading together with effective articulation and tempo changes … the Andante displayed elegance and finesse … The stylish Minuetto featured keen attention to detail and well handled polyphonic texture throughout. High quality conducting ensured a high standard of performance … (The Sunday Times – July 29, 2001)

Both performers effectively captured the meditative mood of Muscat’s Images. Drones, ostinatos and glissandos coloured the soundcapes created in a highly evocative manner so that an atmosphere of calmness pervaded the venue. (The Sunday Times – June 20, 2004)

Chris Muscat's Images is like much of his music … direct, accessible, highly inventive and no silly gimmicks. It is an energetic piece, which grows apace from a hushed beginning. Throughout its single movement duration, rather than exploiting the two instruments' virtuoso abilities for their own sake, the composer enhances these abstract images with well-defined musical brush strokes of much varied tone colour and technical possibilities. (Lifestyle – June 19, 2004)

The interpretation of the string section [of the National Orchestra of Malta], directed by Christopher Muscat … was stylish and convincing throughout. Of particular interest were the crispness of the Allegro with its fine delicate and subdued middle section, the balance achieved in the Andante that was characterised by sensitive lyricism, good tonal shading and musical shape, together with the cleanliness of the highly enjoyable Presto that presented successful contrasts in dynamics and an effective fugato section. (The Sunday Times - June 27, 2004) 

Christopher Muscat's dignified Elegy, dedicated to the memory of the tsunami victims, is an effectively scored memorial piece characterised by yearning woodwind and brass solos over string pedal points and modally-tinged harmonies.(Lifestyle - January 15th, 2005)

The texture of Christopher Muscat's Elegy keeps building from a fragile one towards the beginning to a thicker one as it builds up to a resounding climax before fading away at the very end. (The Sunday Times - January 16, 2005)

The music director was Christopher Muscat. Widely respected as a conductor of varied repertoire, he led a vigorous performance that struck the right balance between a traditional modern-instrument approach and a more "historically informed" sensibility. (Lifestyle - June 25, 2005) 

Under the direction of Christopher Muscat the orchestra performed with accomplishment. Mro Muscat's immersion in the music went beyond the ordinary ... (Lifestyle - June 10, 2006)